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Precise Indoor Location

Ten Degrees provides a reliable and precise indoor micro-location (1-3m), a cloud-based human motion data analytics engine, and a real-time worker motion dashboard. In addition to the precise location, the engine also supplies indicators of human motion intent, including heading, POI engagement, dwell-time, and man-down indicators.


Ten Degrees wayfinding will visually guide your employees and/or customers from their location to any item or location in your facility.  The Ten Degrees wayfinding engine leverages map detail to both enhance the blue dot location solution, and to help users get where they’re going with real-time, context aware path guidance.


Create your own precise geo-fenced region to provide entry/exit alerts of digital spaces in your facilities across multiple floors. These regions can be used to send location alerts, check-in workers, improve security, and understand the flow of employees and customers throughout a facility.

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