SaaS Indoor Micro-location and Human Motion Analytics

Every second, 10 industrial workers are involved in a work-related accident.
These result in over 4,500 worker fatalities per year in the USA.

Ten Degrees' services can dramatically help reduce these numbers.

Your Team

Ten Degrees allows companies to capture motion behavior of their employees, the most valuable asset of a company. This information can be used to provide important insights about worker behavior to improve operational efficiency, safety, security and compliance.

Indoor Micro-Location

Ten Degrees provides a reliable and precise indoor micro-location (1-3m), a cloud-based human motion data analytics engine, and a real-time worker motion dashboard. The core technology is an advanced sensor fusion engine that takes advantage of radio signals and maps inside a facility. The patented solution is purely software-based and can run entirely on a smartphone, smartwatch or IoT wearable device. The fusion engine uplinks fully processed location data and motion information to the cloud for access to real-time analytics, which are also available locally on mobile devices.

Real-Time Motion Analytics

Ten Degrees real-time location and motion data generates the next level of worker safety by providing real-time location alerts, micro-fencing, and the human context information from near-miss and man down incidents. These predictive analytics can be used to help prevent future accidents by identifying potential safety hazards.


Smart Manufacturing

Human motion data and analytics to improve operational efficiency, safety, security, and compliance.

Worker Safety

Real-time location and motion alerts, IIoT geofencing, and dashboards to enhance industrial worker safety.


Wayfinding, location-based promotions and services, sales associate enablement, and shopper analytics to increase in-store revenue and efficiency.


Traveler location and wayfinding, location-based promotions, and analytics to improve productivity of travel facilities.

Health Care

Patient wayfinding, doctor and nurse location services, and staff communications to improve patient experience and productivity.


Crowd analytics, wayfinding services, and location-based promotions to improve the overall attendee experience and enhance safety.

"Ten Degrees indoor micro-positioning technology will help improve manufacturing operational efficiency, safety and security."

Dr. Galane Chen, CTO, Foxconn

Start using location services and human motion analytics to improve operational efficiency, safety, security and compliance.