Worker Safety

Real-time location and motion alerts, IIoT geofencing, and dashboards to enhance industrial worker safety.

Real-Time Location Alerts

Micro-location services supplement industrial environmental sensors (gas, humidity, temperature) by providing real-time location details by worker in a facility. Multi-user location interfaces and communication enhance response time and impact. Playback and beehive analytics provide an understanding of root causes that can enable effective corrective actions.

IIoT Geofencing

Micro-fencing in GPS-impaired locations allow for real-time entry/exit alerts and tracking across multiple floors of facilities. These regions can be used to identify human presence in restricted, hazardous, and constricted areas. Real-time dwell alerts and tracking identify potential dangerous situtations.

Man Down

Identify exact location of man down situations and recovery with inertial sensing. Human motion sensors provide insights into “near miss” situations that involve slips, trips, and falls. This data can be used to prevent future accidents.

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