Wayfinding, location-based promotions and services, sales associate enablement, and shopper analytics to increase in-store revenue and efficiency.

Shopper Wayfinding

Multi-floor bluedot location services and wayfinding enables shoppers to convert on-line views to engagement with merchandise in stores via their mobile phones. Rapid routing allows quick access to departments, changing rooms, and checkout lines that increase conversions and basket size. Cloud analytics provide a comprehensive view of the buyer’s journey and engagements.

Location-based Promotions

Real-time location services provide the ability to push mobile promotions based upon shopper position in-store and engagement with endcaps and promotions. This results in orders of magnitude improvement in the conversion rate of mobile offers.

Sales Associate Enablement

Multi-user mobile dashboards create the ability to provide just-in-time sales associate assistance for shoppers. Dwell time alerts provide the capability to engage shoppers at the “right time” to create effective conversions. Advanced routing services can be used to provide best routing for fulfilling pick-up-in-store orders.

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