Crowd analytics, wayfinding services, and location-based promotions to improve the overall attendee experience and enhance safety.

Wayfinding Services

Multi-floor bluedot location services and wayfinding enable attendees to quickly reach their desired locations as they travel through buildings and GPS-impaired outdoor locations. Rapid routing allows quick access to seats, suites, vendors, restrooms, and exits. Cloud analytics provide a comprehensive view of the attendees’ journeys and engagements.

Location-based Promotions

Real-time location services provide the ability to push mobile promotions based upon attendee position and engagement with displays and promotions. These targeted offers result in orders of magnitude improvement in the conversion rates.

Crowd Safety

Cloud analytics and dashboards provide real-time insights into choke-points and locations of security personnel. Security and staff can be quickly routed to incidents or to provide service to Special Needs or VIP attendees.

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