Redefining the navigation experience... indoors.

High Accuracy

Aisle-level or better indoor location accuracy using universal low-cost beacons and sensor fusion technology.  Better than GPS positioning accuracy without even requiring a view of the sky.


Context Aware

Know who and what is around you.  Sense motion and location-relevant activity to keep the most needed information right at your fingertips.



Receive precise step-by-step guidance to people and places, through hallways, across buildings, and between floors – never again get lost in an unfamiliar building or struggle to find what you want.


Light Weight

Small resource footprint and maximum power efficiency.  We save you more of your battery between charges, and support the future of mobile wearable electronics.


Ten Degrees employs a trifecta of cutting-edge technologies to detect user locations.

Dead Reckoning


This is the core of our navigation solution.  We leverage the sensors available in most smart phones – accelerometers, gyroscopes, magnetometers, and pressure sensors – along with cutting edge mobile processing algorithms to compute responsive and accurate location, motion, and user context.

Signal Sources


Bluetooth beacons are gaining popularity; they are cheap, flexible, and fast to deploy.  WiFi networks are ubiquitous and have been used for coarse indoor navigation for a decade or better.  The Ten Degrees nav solution leverages both, and blends in GPS signals when available as well, to produce a high-availability solution with maximal flexibility in both installation and maintenance.

Map Matching


Detailed map data, when available, are used both for aiding the positioning solution down to meter-accurate levels, and for determining way-finding guidance that can be provided to a user seeking out known points of interest in our customer-expandable database.



Gather insightful information into the locations of customers and affiliates. Using Ten Degrees' analytics portal Clarity™, enterprise customers can gain never-before-accessible information into the workings of their business.


Generate up-to-the-minute reports of location and context for multiple users, customers, or staff, to show traffic flow and congestion, generate alerts, or simply gain insight into popular paths, areas, and specific items in your facility, in near-real time, using our Clarity Web Portal.

Map Management


Design, build, update, and view maps of defined geofenced / micro-fenced regions and points-of-interest using our all-in-one map management web app. Set location aware advertisements and limited-time offers. We put the power in your hands.

Report Generator


Our full report generation suite in the Clarity Web Portal allows heat maps, area utilization, path/POI popularity, and other summary reports to be produced from user-specified time windows and locations, for up to one week of archival data over the past 3 months.  Additional custom reports are also available.


Learn More

Watch our promotional video highlighting some of the features of Converge™, our fully-implemented white label application and Clarity™ our analytics portal.